80% people say that these five toxic metrics are the disruptors at the workplace.

We know that Concentration is directly linked to Productivity or Achievement. But, how do you equate them? Is it even hard to think about it? I am sure that most of us feel “work or job” as a mere thing especially when the problems are deeply grounded around us. Usually, in this situation, all of the snags flash immediately when your hands are at the reach of your keyboard.

Well, after analyzing few techniques, I have circled the top five toxic metrics below and provided some “relief pills” to overcome the challenges of concentration. And, if you are one of them who lack concentration at work, then this deep dig blog is nothing less than a divine spell for you.

Guatemalan worry dolls

Have you heard of the Mayan style dolls dubbed as worry dolls? They are famously known to be the best remedy for worrying, say the Guatemalan tradition. The myth of the Mayan colorful dolls claims to condense your worries when you share the sorrows by talking to it while keeping it under your pillow. By the time the sun breaks down, it is said that the dolls carry away your sorrows and problems.

Well, I’m not sure how true it is, but when you talk and share the problems you are much likely to deal the problem with peace.

Try this

Talk to your close ones and share your problems. You get a solution or not, but you certainly reduce the burden of your heart. Do not quarantine yourself from the outside world, hold your reins to create a better way to live.

Metric to Merit

Consider a metric, as a problem criterion. Search for the merits of the problem. Do not consider your problem a legendary. Allow some time to settle and rethink. Again I remind you, rather searching for immediate relief to the problem, get some peace first and slowly things start to fall into place.

Relieve stress? To be a million-dollar answer!

A recent study shows that nearly 75% of employees are stressed out. Although, there are many other factors to rule out the root cause of stress, realize that only you can control your emotions and stress levels. Self-management is very important to balance your work life and professional life.

Try this

When you are stressed, do not work. Yes, I repeat don’t work, you can either give productive work nor carry out a normal work without errors.  By making mistakes, you will double the stress levels and never harvest fruitful results. Take a break for one or two days and give some rejuvenation therapy for your body. Relax and have enough sleep. Comeback to kick-start your work with a fresh mood and thoughts.

Difficult to handle Anger and Emotions? Then take Self-Responsibility.

As discussed in the earlier statements, be a self-managed person. According to recent anger statistics, nearly 64 percent people confess that the world is turning into an angrier place. While there may be many theories on par with anger management, the key is in your mind and heart. With anger epidemic growing over the years in the workplace due to pressure, long work hours, etc. All you can do is to manage your work as per your convenience. I agree there are some hard days at work but make yourself comfortable in the first place. Segregate the workloads as per your schedule.

Try this

When you are angered by any cause at your workplace, just move out and don’t react immediately. Work progress and satisfaction don’t usually go together. Talk to your boss and sort out if any discrepancies.  Calm your emotions and allow some time for yourself. The plus-factor _ you gain the opportunity to judge the situation and act accordingly.

Thinking about past? Not a good idea!

Past is past. We all know this but, we implement it only by saying and not by doing it. Unfortunately, we don’t have a time machine to travel back and change things according to our wish. Life is short and unpredictable. Each moment you reminisce about your past; you are losing a moment in the present.

Learn from your mistakes. Reminiscing about the past and taking decisions at present will yield awful results. Remember the song from the movie Frozen “Let it go”? So, let it go! Let the past belong to the bygone days.

Try this

I know we may have evolved from monkeys but, we still hold monkey brains. Agree? Indeed, our brains chatter is endless. What to do now? Well, I may not have a permanent remedy but, you can try this tip and figure out if this works for you.

Grab a hot lemon tea with mint. Mint leaves relieve stress and give immediate relief to your mind’s chatter. Listen to all the mind chatter but don’t pay any attention. Utilize this moment to trick your mind. Listen to your favorite song or have a hot chocolate fudge, do anything to get that inner peace and harmony.

Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Forget personal problems at work. Tough isn’t it?

We hear this a lot from our HRs and immediate bosses. Further adding to it, they say “Live in the moment.” Boring? Isn’t it? Let me tell you one simple thumb rule to follow.

You spend most of the time at work so, instead of choosing a partner in crime, choose a right co-worker who can offer their shoulder when you need. Do not discuss your personal problems right at the beginning of the conversation. This can deteriorate your camaraderie at the workplace.

In case, you want to talk about your problems, hang out outside the office hours with your trusted co-workers and discuss your worries.

Try this

Indulge in your work completely. Think some inventive measures that can ease your work. A debate about new discussions on the forums and knowing latest updates on your niche technology can save your day. Go for a small vacation. Most importantly, select a job which you are interested in. Motivate and take leadership of your thoughts, interests, ideas, emotions and habits.

“Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.” — Benjamin Disraeli

Are you still working in No-Mood-Mode?

Only with the right spirit, you can achieve happiness at work. A workplace is a sensitive place and, you can’t let everyone know that you are in a lousy mood today. So, how do you manage? All I am saying is you can’t give best when you’re not at your best.

Time for some little rest. Take up an easy task to do that particular day and have little breaks in the middle of your task. A 10 min when you need should do the job.

Try this

Surprise yourself. Forget the dotage theories. Conduct your own due diligence and find out what is correct for you and what makes you happy. Trial and error methods can do wonders in this scenario. Talk to your managers and make them understand your situation.

There is a thin line that connects the dots between concentration and attention. Just visualize a short two-minute video illustrating all the points above with a brilliant UI. That’s it. You’ve got the most of it. Now, give a high five for these five metrics and start challenging your concentration instead. Here is a little piece of advice “You can’t wait for the miracle to happen you should create one for yourself.”

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