Can Your Employees Benefit from Tech-Conferences or Workshops? Know These Six Important Sutras to Nail a Conference.

Little did we know about the existing-future technologies until someone sparked the concept of real-time performance of A.I. and ML a few years ago.

According to Forbes, the skill-set boost has created almost 14x increase in the number of A.I. startups since the year 2000. Outstanding isn’t it? Now that’s the power you gain by upgrading the skillset to match the future technologies.

How Do You Know Which Technology Is Going to Impact the Most? Well, One Way Is to Attend a Conference and Observe the Key Takeaways.

Not just in A.I. and ML, great opportunities are everywhere but, the problem is how do you seize that opportunity and cater better visions for your employees to meet the rising business needs? Let us invest some time and get down to the bottom of the theory.

By analyzing the pins in this blog, you become familiar with every nuance of the conferences that can help to mould your employees’ skill set to meet the susceptible changes in the workforce.

The basic stance of a professional tech-conference is to focus on the ongoing and upcoming issues, trends, problems, solutions, methods and meet the workforce challenges.

Take a Look at These Six Important Sutras Before You Attend or Join a Conference.

  • A valuable conference to meet your needs.
  • Do you gain plenty of networking opportunities?
  • Pre-conference workshop to underline the core topic of the conference.
  • Seek expert’s advice.
  • Prepare for the conference.
  • Cover the conference.

A Valuable Conference to Meet Your Needs.

Value Vs Conference.

Know the essence and the information about the conference before it hits the ground. Analyze if this is what your employees are looking for. Observe the trends by just doing a simple Google search. Search engines provide some valuable information on the specific conference and the topic you are searching for, dig further and know the key takeaways. Do not jump on the bandwagon before you figure out a clear benefit for your employees.

For Ex: An employee with a big data experience can upgrade his skills to data science and ML, in fact, attending A.I. conferences can also provide outstanding opportunities in the coming years.

Try this:

Organize a meetup with the managers and the leadership team (one who handles different projects of course). Ask if they require any training to upgrade their skills that can help to enhance career prospects and acquire more workforce opportunities. Jot down all the requirements. Now, it’s time to indulge in some research work. Browse the upcoming developments of that specific technology and know the skillset required to upgrade to that technology. Find out how valuable is the technology in the coming years and check for the similar conferences that are available to attend.

Smart Tip:

Amidst various reasons to attend a conference, learning is one of the most valuable aspects you gain from a conference or workshop. Hear out all the questions paying attention to every detail. Consume it and then sink these questions with the concept you understood so far. Get involved and make the most use of it. Showcase tangible results at the end.

Do You Gain Plenty of Networking Opportunities?

Networking Via Conference.

Apart from learning, you need to realize whether the conference can harvest decent networking channels to showcase your business and build relationships. The new poignant findings in the professional conference have become more thoughtful and completely tech-oriented over the past few years. Don’t treat a conference as a mere gathering. Focus on the opportunity to build a network with the peers and leverage the amount of sharing, exchanging knowledge base etc.

Try this:

Find out who are all attending the conference and where they are coming from. Forge new meetups for your employees to establish a strong bond and connection. Who knows, you might even end up signing a deal by showcasing your business deals and products to them.

Pre-Conference Workshop to Underline the Core Topic of the Conference.

Pre-Conference Equals to Conference.

Before attending a conference, it is better to opt for a pre-conference workshop because it gives an idea and sheds some light on the main topic which is going to be discussed or debated in the conference hallway.

For instance, there are quite a few workshops like motivational workshops, management skills workshop, and communication skills workshop. Parallely, a couple of training sessions will boost the confidence levels and motivates to share the knowledge. Employees can leverage these workshops to pump up their energy levels on the Biggy conference stage.

Try this:

Engage your employees to attend a workshop similar to that of a conference topic or subject. This will give the glimpse and gist of how the conference is going to turn out. Choose the individual development workshop if your employees are attending the conference for the first time.

Seek Expert’s Advice.

Pick His Brain.

Spend some time with the experts, picking their brains to generate some fresh ideas will be the next big thing in your bucket. Set long-term goals based on the suggestions given to you. Probe deeper to unleash more insights about the specific topic that is being discussed among the experts. Get hands-on information that will help to curate new ideas to benefit your approach.

Cover the Conference.

Showcase the Game.

If you are a SMEs, attending a conference means a lot more than anything else. Not everyone is as lucky as you are. So, how do you showcase your employees who are out there discussing on the trending topic of this era? Well, Social Media is the key. Not all companies can afford to attend the conference so, you have the top privilege to cover it all for them. Today, social media is slated to be the fastest medium to hold the spotlight and spread the word much faster.

Try this:

Hashtags and Short Snippets of content are trending right now. Live blogging, Tweeting, and Posting Snaps of the conference can create a buzz. You can also highlight the topics discussed by the keynote speakers, posting panel discussion pictures on Instagram and short videos with small description will definitely take you to the next level. Take responsibility and conceal the show with glitz to convey the discussion innovatively.

Prepare for the Conference.

A Well-Rounded Groundwork.

Let your employees feed on some Podcasts, Seminars and videos of the topic. Find out how the experts share their thoughts about the challenges in the ongoing scenario. Attending small Events and webinars that lasts for 30 min can save the day if you’re really trying to nail a conference.

Ask your employees to fetch the information and keep it ready when the time is ripe to fire the questions at the experts. Lack of preparation prior to attending a conference can degrade the overall experience and corner the entire session.

Don’t get scattered like a tumbleweed at the conference. Keep abreast with the flow, clarity and decisiveness. Remember, our daily stress at work can whack the best in us but, a good conference can pick the best from you.

Get ready to tell your story. Achieve sheer gains. Explore your journey. Seal the deal with zeal!

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