Exit Interview: Are We Doing them in a Right Way?

Exit interview plays a crucial role in either retaining the employee or to know the feedback about the work culture and the organization.

So when you are trying to explore things from an exit interview from you so-to-be your ex-employee, you may likely go wrong all about.

When HR is conducting an exit interview, HR person needs to do all these in an environment of honesty and transparency- Suggestion from Natasha Hawker from Employee Matters.

To go with this, she suggested that an HR Representative from an organization should consider finishing the exit interview on the day when the employee joins the organization, in addition to conducting one when they leave the organization.

“This actually gives the HR better understanding about the reasons why someone is likely to leave and can also compare the actuals when it does happen” she added.

Employees generally will be more open when they are about to leave the organization and during that time exit interview will give a great opportunity to the HR to grab the valuable suggestions and feedback about the organization and the role as well but it is usually too late to do anything to retain that employee back to the organization.

By holding an ‘entry’ interview as a new hire enters the organization, it gives the employee the opportunity to predetermine any potential red flags. It can also give HR “a clear indication of how to maintain the motivation and tenure of the individual” going forward, Hawker added.

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By conducting an “entry” interview as a new joinee enters the organization, it gives the new joinee an opportunity to predetermine any potential red flags. It Can also give HR representative of the organization a clear indication on how to maintain the motivation level of the employee in the organization.

It works in a similar way to “stay-interviews”, which can be powerful retention strategy.

Stay-Interviews are particularly valuable as a provision for HR to “Convey the intent to stay, Clarify about the barriers to job performance and satisfaction, and concerns about the immediate reporting manager”

Exit interview may not be directly asking the employee about why he/she gonna leave your organization on the day one itself, but knowing the situation like what could be the primary things he/she needed in the organization and what motivated him in joining this organization so that a proper exit interview during their last working days will give an HR something to compare and get valuable insights.

Hawker clarified that exit interviews should be conducted alongside entry interviews, rather than in during the last working days of the employee.

“Exit interviews can really give great insights that may not come out in normal channels,” she added.

Say, for example, if a team has got higher than average attrition compared to the rest of the teams, there are chances that manager might not be effective or the job roles and responsibilities are not designed effectively or the team doesn’t have sufficient resources to be productive.

Exit interview data can enable HR representative from an organization to foresee the trends in the team and will have a way forward to react to the things happening with the team.

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