Find the right HR Solution for your Startup

When you started your start-up business it’s unlikely that you just were already a professional in human resources. That was most likely the very last thing on your mind.

It’s not that you just don’t care concerning your employees – you would like them to be happy and have work satisfaction in their jobs – it’s that managing Human Resources may be a true time suck and possibly the least favorite of the various hats you wear as Start-up business owner.

Instead of growing your business, you’re addressing employee retention, insurance payments, benefits, employee reviews, 401ks and everything else that falls beneath the HR umbrella. You’re not alone. we discover a typical theme among business owners – HR is either taken care of on an as required basis by the owners, delegated to employees as ‘other duties’, outsourced or neglected altogether.

Finding the HR solution to suit Your requirement

No matter if you’re a corporation of five or five hundred, you have got human capital and everything that comes with operating with humans. If you’re a small business currently, you almost certainly arrange on growing and HR must be involved in your overall strategy. It may be overwhelming, however, don’t worry, we’ve put together a guide observing the pros and cons of the choices offered to you.

Here’s how to incorporate Human Resource services into your company, no matter what ever be the size business you have:

Company Size: 11 to 55.

You started your company on a shoestring budget handling everything – sales, marketing, operations and HR. currently that you’re growing, your company’s HR needs are growing, too. Your Human Resource challenges include:

  1. Providing Benefits to the employees in your company.
  2. Addressing HR-related problems in an exceedingly timely manner.
  3. Attracting prime talent when you can’t provide the benefits offered at larger firms.

Your choices

Hiring an entry-level HR Professional whose duties include small Human Resource tasks or retaining a consulting company or a professional employer organization (PEO) on a part-time basis are choices you’ll take into account for your HR requirement. you may additionally create due without anything at all and handle HR related problems as they arise. Let’s take a glance at the pros and cons:

Hiring an entry-level HR professional


  • Takes these tasks off your plate therefore you’ll concentrate on running the business
  • HR needs don’t need a regular and constant solution, therefore employee can also be tasked with other duties


  • At this level, the worker doesn’t have the expertise or data to handle hr needs like recruiting, social problems, or training

Retaining a consulting firm or PEO


  • companies will have interaction an hr authority on an hourly or contract basis, creating it an economical resolution for your business
  • A HR adviser will advise you on recruitment methods and finding ways in which to form a productive work force
  • A PEO may be a answer for little business owners who wish to give employees access to health and retirement benefits
  • Human Resource Consultants and PEOs will act as your company’s HR department and handle staff problems, assist with employee reviews, exit interviews, etc.\

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  • employing a PEO means that you lose some management over the advantages offered
  • PEO policies may also limit a company’s power to hire and terminate staff
  • A part-time consultant or PEO might not continuously be available, that may influence your deadlines

Company Size: 50 and above employees

Congratulations, your company is growing! then is that the variety of Human Resources issues. At this stage, you have got outgrown employing a PEO an an in-house employee needs additional skills and knowledge than an employee who is solely handling the administrative aspect of hr. For corporations of this size you need to take into account the following:

  1. What HR services does my company need?
  2. can we tend to still get by without a proper Automation tool for the HR department?
  3. should we tend to incorporate extra hr consulting services?
  4. would it be an additional cost effective to hire an in-house HR professional?

Your choices

This is the time where you need to have a full inhouse HR department with some supporting tools for them to handle the complicated HR tasks.

  1. In House HR Department with the strong skillset to manage everything manually: this is applicable to the companies with less than 100 employees but becomes complex if your company is operating from multiple locations and time zones with different payroll policies.
  2. The next best choice will be, purchasing a HRMS solution or HR Software which can automate the whole HR operations. This will save time and money and helps the company in reducing the unnecessary multiple resources to work on simple tasks.


  1. HR Software will take care of everything starting from recruitment to employee management and handles everything related to payroll processing.
  2. This can be an error free solution with all compliances.


  1. Pricing of the HR software should match the budget the company wants to spend on HR Software.
  2. Data security should be the concern and there must be proper NDAs signed before proceeding further.


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