Quick bites for a good start of the new fiscal year. Wishing all the employees a happy salary hike!

Ever experienced a hike more than you were expecting? Rather, can’t this be one major reason that keeps us all going until the next fiscal year?

Here is the good news.

As per the recent news item by Firstpost, the employees from various sectors are going to experience up to 12 percent salary hike this year. A progressive vibe can be observed if you are in FMCG/CD, retail, media & advertising sectors.

Well! What’s with the real big deal? The questions outlast and will make you ponder over your talent whether is it making the right money while giving you the right futuristic opportunity!

When the calendar dates keep rolling, you are excited to experience that once-in-a-year experience called performance appraisals _ in different forms like hikes/promotions/bonus on papers.

Every one of us will be on pins and needles to overcome the daunting session and get a favorable, fruitful outcome. In this scenario, it is certain to say that when you give something you definitely expect something. Being selfless or altruistic in the workplace will not satisfy you in longer terms.

Key takeaways to overcome the flaws while performing performance reviews

Sit with your manager to list out your contributions.

Perhaps, when it comes to appraisals and that “Extra Perks” we are more cautious and actually don’t miss any chance to impress our leads or managers. And I bet if you say no to this. Then go ahead! Show off that intellectual smart work contribution done by you all through the year. And if you are a manager, then this quick tip is for you, you have a huge contribution towards the appraisals based on performance or yearly based agree? Indeed, yes! At this point in time, do not lack consistency in evaluating appraisals, performance reviews or ratings. Treat it just like the way when you interviewed the same person for a specific job role or responsibility.

Remember, the way you resonate with the situation, helps you to retain and motivate an employee to surpass future business endeavors.

Ace like a pro.

Having considered acing the appraisal reviews, it is also important to take it seriously like the way you handle an interview, follow the same during the appraisal session. Be committed and allow sometime before you pull your sleeves on your naïve job tasks. It will be a piece of cake for you _ when you oversee what you need at the end of the day and what you ought to do to get it. Treat your job but don’t trick.

Scoop out some clues from the coworker.

Coworkers are going to be your best buddies when it comes to harvesting more information about managers, performance reviews and most importantly your new job responsibilities (if you’re a recent hire). If not, don’t be hesitant to approach an HR or your immediate supervisor and ask them to give a heads up about the process.

What to expect and what not during performance reviews?

As discussed earlier, consider your appraisal process as an interview and the rest falls in place. Pay close attention to the minute details and that includes breaking down the milestones you achieved while working on your projects, showcasing the appreciations received while serving your client. Etc.

Doesn’t like to get boosted by others? Let your colleagues sing for you because this works well especially when you are working in teams. You can steal the show if you walk up to your manager with a crystal clear thought process of the future opportunities in the organization.

Set goals that don’t punctuate your career growth.

Make sure to list out your vision, quantifiable future goals, and growth prospects in the next five years. Embrace a tool or a metric to measure your results that will determine a portion of your involvement in accomplishing job requirements. Fabricate and procure new ways to find a solution for the ongoing flaws. This could be a lifesaver when it comes to adding that “extra bonus or awards” in your bucket.

From the Employer’s perspective, a little tweak in the methodology (performance reviews) will go a long way in managing the team.

Employers with a bullseye view.

Whether its performance reviews or one-on-ones or ratings based on customer reviews, employers must be keen to determine the factors that offer result-oriented outputs. Managers must set goals and rewards for an extraordinary work accomplished. Motivation is the key to success. Mingle with the team and exclude any anomalies that directly impact performance metric. Bridge the so-called “Communication Barrier.” Encourage team-work and do not hesitate to ask for help from your team. Hours of hard work can be achieved in minutes.

Last straw: A hoax to eliminate weak performers.

At a granular level, skills and productivity can seem to be to more similar. However, they are not, only by choosing a right skillset you achieve productivity as expected. Filter out the best performers from the crowd (during the interview), this way you are clear to know what you need to fulfill the preliminary role. Set a precise interview structure and follow the needs of the required position. Do not end up picking up someone who knows least about the niche area.

Finally, the intent is the same. Don’t run against the clock. Instead, work against the clock. Don’t be frantic, be agile. The gambit is within you, follow simple ways that generate value and success towards your job.

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